Wild Cortes New Exhibition Opening

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New Exhibits Opening Sunday, 29 May 2022, 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

Free event. All ages welcome. Donations gratefully appreciated.

Photo: Nighthawks over Cortes Bay taken by Melanie Boyle

Come explore Wild Cortes as we kick off the summer season with exciting new exhibits that look at the ecological impact of climate change from different perspectives.  Curated by Laurel Bohart and Donna Collins, these include Climate Crisis: The Cascade Effect in which we discuss the Big Three (balance of predator and prey), prey species health and numbers, and the impact of invasive species on native populations.

Located at Linnea Education Centre, Wild Cortes is the permanent off-site Natural History Education Centre of the Cortes Island Museum & Archives.  Wild Cortes and the EcoLab are part of the Cortes Wild! partnership* which works together to create exhibits and provide extensive educational materials, microscopes and promotes greater awareness about ecology and environmental challenges facing Cortes Island and surrounding regions.

In addition to these new exhibits, at Wild Cortes you will find an extensive list of Cortes Island Flora and Fauna and findings from the Forage Fish Project, a seven-year study lead by Cortes Wild! partner Sabina Leader Mense.

Check the websites www.cortesmuseum.ca and www.wildcortes.ca for more information about Cortes Island Museum’s programs and exhibitions.


*Cortes Wild is a partnership of Cortes Museum & Archives, Linnaea Education Centre, Forest Trust for the Children of Cortes Island, Discovery Island Ecosystem Mapping (DIEM) Project, Sabina Leader Mense, Rex Wyler and Christian Gronau.