An island inspired by wonder and curiosity.

Full of organized activities and opportunities for exploration, Cortes Island is a safe, lush, and bountiful paradise, ideal for a vacation with children.

Organized summer camps offer the opportunity for kids to come together and play, create, and explore. All island gathering are all ages, offering opportunity for kids and adults to interact with a diverse community of opinions and backgrounds. And the island’s lush wilderness allows kids to get up close with nature, learning, playing, and having fun.

A Cortes Island vacation rental is the perfect way to accommodate your family during your visit. Renting a house offers the flexibility and comfort of home without the hassle. View a full list of Cortes Island accommodations.

NEW – Child Care possibility by a licensed educator/guide, at Larsen’s Meadow (a garden home in the forest). See more information: Harvestsong Child Care.

5 experiences your kids will love on Cortes Island

1. Beachcombing at Smelt Bay Provincial Park. The sandy beach at Smelt Bay is full of tidal sealife that kids love to explore. Sand castle buildings is a favourite activity for young families. Be sure to keep your eye on the ocean to spot an otter or seal, and overhead to watch the eagles!

2. Hiking in the Whaletown Commons The short loop walks in the Whaletown Commons are flat, easy hikes that explore a dense rain forest. Your kids will love exploring all the varieties of moss, lichens, and ferns hanging from the trees, and keeping their eyes open for deer feeding on berries in the forest.

3. Swimming on the white-sand beach at Hague Lake. The white sand beach and warm, pristine waters of Hague Lake are family favourites all summer long. Pull up some sand, bring a tube to float, and enjoy the scenery while playing with your kids in the water.

4. Local Community Events. Nearly all events on Cortes Island are family friendly. Bring your kids to a dance at the Gorge Hall or Manson’s Hall or to one of our vibrant community festivals, and sing, dance, hula hoop and play.

5. A tour of Desolation Sound. Desolation Sound is one the most beautiful marine areas on the Canadian coast. In the narrow fjords surrounded by imposing mountains, the summertime sea water temperature is over 20 degrees, making Desolation Sound the warmest water on the Pacific coast north of Mexico. A guided tour is a great way to take your kids out to sea.

6. Creative Children’s Programming & Child Care, at Larsen’s Meadow (a garden home in the forest). See more information: Harvestsong Child Care.


What is your favourite activity on Cortes?