Situated at the edge of wilderness, Cortes Islanders share our forests and coastlines with extensive wildlife.

On land, up in the sky, and out to sea, we’re reminded every day that this abundant landscape is shared with other creatures.  Check out some information about the wildlife in our ecosystem, and post below to tell us about your encounters with creatures on our island.

Important Information about Collecting Shellfish

Cortes Island has plenty of beaches well-stocked with bountiful shellfish life. Please note that a British Columbia Sport Fishing License is necessary to harvest shellfish in tidal waters, and that there are legal limits. A license can be purchased on-line, check this government website for more information. Please consult our Island FAQ for more information.

Wildlife on Cortes Island

For the bird watcher and nature lover the island is populated by a wide variety of birds including bald eagles, osprey, turkey vultures and many smaller birds that nest on the island. There is also abundant wildlife including wolves, cougars, racoons, mink, deer plus other land based wild life. The waters offer the chance to see otters, sea lions, seals, Orcas and numerous water birds.

Some of Cortes Island’s resident wildlife
Have you had any wildlife encounters on Cortes Island?