Spring Migration Bird Count

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Since 2004, the Cortes Island Museum has organized a Spring Migration Birding Event. This year we again invite everyone to participate individually or with a group you feel comfortable with. No registration is necessary.

Record the bird species sighted in your backyards, bird feeders, gardens, and neighbourhoods. No need to count individual birds. You can include any additional species observed on May 6 and May 8. Email your list of species to [email protected].

We will combine all observations and post them, as usual, on the Cortes Museum website birding page .

For easy reference, download the list of commonly seen Cortes Island birds from the Museum’s website.The reference list is also published in the Tideline Spring Migration Birding Event article.

Please take pictures; especially if you happen to observe a rare species these are necessary. We will be happy to post them on our website.

While you are out and about, keep your eyes open for butterflies. Check out the  page Butterfly Sightings on Cortes Island for more information. Report the details of your sightings even if the butterfly is already included on our list.