The Kw’as Park trails are located in a 70 hectare forested area between Hague and Gunflint Lakes on Cortes Island. The trails pass through a variety of ecosystems including a wet area spruce grove, a ridge with good size red cedars, a valley with large alders, high grounds with pine, arbutus trees and manzanita bushes, etc. Close to 20% of the park is still virgin old growth and the rest is second growth forests.

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Hike Information

This large network of trails varies in difficulty and time depending on the route that you choose. Trail maps with details are available at both trailheads and the park is well maintained with clear signs and trails though is a little rugged in some steep areas. These trails will lead you along the side of both Hague and Gunflint lakes, through deep old forest and over high manzanita covered bluffs. Park either at the sharp corner on Seaford Rd or at the park entrance on K’was Bay Rd.

Please no biking in K’was Park.

Access: Off Seaford Road near the Cortes Motel or on Kw’as Bay Road — take Bartholomew Road east from Sutil Point Road, turn left at the first junction (Hague Road) and then right at the first junction (Kw’as Park Road), following the signs downhill.
Estimated Walking Time: ~1.5 hr – 4 hours.
Local’s Tip: Maps are available at both road heads. There’s also a PDF map here. The trail to the rusted Steam Donkey is an island favourite.

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Easily accessible from Whaletown Road, the Whaletown Commons offers several short loop hikes through dense, verdant forest populated by several beautiful old growth cedars along Whaletown Creek. It’s the perfect place for an easy walk, especially with children.

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Kw’as Park, stretching between Hague Lake and Gunflint Lake, has more than 170 acres of hiking trails through old growth cedar, spruce groves, and bluffs with pine and manzanita. Wildlife is often spotted in the park. With so many trails, Kw’as Park is the perfect forest to explore.

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