Carrington Bay Regional Park is one of the most widely used mature forest destinations on the island. The main trail out to the lagoon is an old dirt road bed and the many other trails through the forest are suitable for both hiking and mountain biking. The lagoon entrance is a narrow channel through which the tide flows, mixing salt and fresh water for abundant aquatic life. The forests are also home to a significant amount of wildlife, including several species at risk. The mature forest on the way out to the lagoon also hosts a whole network of hiking and biking trails, with several “you are here” maps along the way that will also help you to locate two historic homesteads. Much of the forest that you will hike through to get to the lagoon is private managed forestland. The Forest Trust for the Children of Cortes Island Society has been formed to purchase these forestlands and hold them in trust for the children of Cortes Island in perpetuity. For more information visit Park at the trail head on Coulter Bay Rd.

Access: Off Carrington Bay Road in Whaletown.
Estimated Walking Time: Several trails. Allow at least ~2-3 hrs.
Local’s Tip: Bring a boat–trails stretch through the eastern flank of Carrington Bay.

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Any updates Carrington Bay?

Latest updates about Carrington Bay Trails:

November 2016–Jimmy Smith Road access is now not available, as this is a private road.