Cortes Island Transportation Study

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By Kate Maddigan:  
Come out on Sunday, March 26 at 6 pm to view the results of the transportation visitor and resident surveys, and some options that have been researched to improve mobility on Cortes Island. Locals Max Thaysen and Kate Maddigan, along with Jason Potter from Bunt & Associates Transportation Planning and Engineering, will be on hand at this informal event at Manson’s Community Hall. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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By Max Thaysen:  

We are pleased to invite you to complete this survey of residents transportation habits, needs and preferences. The survey will help us in our effort to understand the current situation on Cortes, and where we might be able to support more transportation options. Thank you for your participation.
If you are Cortes resident, take the online survey here: Resident Survey

If you are a visitor to Cortes, take the online survey here: Visitor Survey

There are public computers available to you at the Cortes Natural Food Coop, Squirel Cove General Store and the Cortes Market. The survey doesn’t work so well on tablets, apparently.
We will also be doing a paper copy mailout in the next week or soj to ensure we give everyone an opportunity to participate. It saves us some work if you do it online though. Tell your friends to do the survey too! Thanks!
For more info about the study, see this article: CITS Presents: What’s This Study All About and this one: Background of Transportation Study