We think a visit to Cortes Island is a must, for anyone...but we're a little biased. Read on, to see the top ten (10) reasons to help persuade you to start planning your visit soon!

1.  Beachcombing.  Cortes Island is ringed by some of the most beautiful salt water and fresh water beaches in the Salish Sea. Explore our beaches -- we're sure you'll find discover something special in the sand.

Beachcombing Cortes Island Desolation Sound

2.  Hiking.  Cortes has great hiking trails through verdant forest and up high bluffs. Whether you're looking for short walks or multiday hikes, we've got plenty to keep your feet busy!

3.  Unique Accommodations.  With Vacation Rentals, Resorts, Bed & Breakfasts, and Campgrounds, Cortes has a place to stay for every budget. Come for a weekend or come for a season -- view all of our accommodations to find your perfect stay!

4.  Desolation Sound.  Cortes Island is on the doorstep of Desolation Sound, one of the most beautiful boating areas in the world. Bring your own boat or hop on one of ours -- we'd love to take you out to sea!

5.  Learning.  Cortes is home to Hollyhock, a world class retreat center which attracts dozens of thought leading teachers each year. Regardless of whether you prefer your learning in the classroom, the forest, or the hot tub, you're sure to leave Cortes having learned something new.

Cortes Island Hollyhock Nature Walks

6.  Festivals.  Celebration is part of life on Cortes Island.  Whether you come to browse the wares at our Friday market or to celebrate at one of our annual festivals, we're excited to meet you and invite you into our community!

7.  Wildlife Spotting.  On Cortes, we live in close proximity to wildlife, including white-tailed deer, bald eagles, seals, otters, and more. An encounter with the wild can change your day -- come to our forest and shore to explore.

Cortes Island Wildlife Black Tail Deer

8.  Lake Swimming.  Summertime on Cortes Island are spent on the beach at Hague Lake, where the water is warm and inviting.  Come swim on our shores!

9.  Local Markets.  Cortes Island artisans create a range of locally made treasures that can't be found anywhere else in the world.  Browse our local stores -- you'll love what you find.

10.  Community!  It's the community that makes our island so special.  Come as a visitor.  You'll leave a Cortes Islander.