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From the Ground Up: Cortes Island dwellings and their histories 

The history of housing on Cortes Island is as storied as the structures that have provided protection from the elements. From float houses to tiny homes, rustic cabins to Rainbow Ridge, campers to co-ops, the people of Cortes repeatedly demonstrate resilience and innovation in the homes they have made. Over time, the repurposing of structures, reuse of materials, and sharing of supplies have not only built dwellings but communities as well.  Through archival photographs, artifacts, and audio interviews from the museum’s collection, as well as gathered stories and photographs, this exhibition presents an overview of the history of dwellings on Cortes Island, current housing challenges, and the intersection of house and home.

Curated by Melanie Boyle and Monika Hoffmann

Exhibition opened on Sunday, May 5, 2024

Photo credit: Float Camp Seymour Inlet, ca. 1950, the Gilean Douglas Collection, Cortes Island Museum & Archives.

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