Art in the Garden with Meinsje Vlaming

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My name is Meinsje.

I live and work on Cortes Island as an independent artist in many disciplines.

My art education is best described as autodidact, self-taught, selecting myself the courses I felt were needed in my development as an artist

I have worked and studied as a painter, sculptor, costume designer, jewellery maker, mask maker, prop designer and maker, puppeteer, yoga teacher, dance teacher and performer, clown, and emerging mime.

Recent I discovered Tonalisme, and intensely studied this expressive painting method

“Tonalism” is the name that was eventually given to the art movement popularized in the late 1800s by American landscape painters. Tonalism is a way of painting landscapes that is characterized by soft, blurred lines, gentle use of colors in the mid-range of tones and values, and an elegantly simple composition. For many Tonalist painters, the use of this style was inspired by the philosophers and Transcendentalist ideas popular in America at the time Tonalism began. By painting a landscape in this certain way, artists sought to transform the portrayal of a landscape into something that might elicit a spirit of contemplation and introspection from the viewer, turning it into a tranquil and meditative device.