Oriane Lee Johnston Book Launch

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Cortes Island Museum and Marnie’s Books invite you to Oriane Lee’s book launch, The Geography of Belonging. A Love Story, on Wednesday, August 3, 7 pm, in the Museum’s Heritage Garden. Event is free. Donations gratefully appreciated. Refreshments will be provided.

Oriane Lee Johnston’s memoir takes the reader from her Cortes Island home on the west coast of Canada into southern Africa as it is today, exploring ethical relations with land, with culture, the sacred and the human heart. You can find the full description of the book with endorsements, photos and Spotify soundtrack in book.orianelee.com.

Ann Mortifee, author of In Love with the Mystery and The Awakened Heart, composer of Into the Heart of the Sangoma, writes:

“Having been born in Southern Africa, I love The Geography of Belonging, travelling in my imagination with Oriane Lee Johnston on her amazing journey with Zimbabwe. She opens us to many questions about class, race, nature and the courage to follow love beyond our comfort level in order to discover the heart of another culture. The svikiro, a spiritual medium of the Shona people, said to her: ‘To see our traditional ways kept alive with your interest and your writing – that is what you can give us.’ Oriane Lee has indeed given that gift to all of us.”

Cortes Island Museum, 957 Beasley Road, one block up the hill from Manson’s  Hall.