Art in the Garden–July 12

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Art in the Garden – with Kristen Sholfield-Sweet

Drum Paining, our second event from this summer’s series Art in the Garden, is coming on Tuesday, July 12.

Please join local artists in the Museum Heritage Garden as they create original works and explore different mediums, drawing inspiration from the luscious garden landscape. Bring a picnic and your creative spirit. All events are on Tuesday afternoons from noon to 3 p.m.

On July 12, welcome Kristen Sholfield-Sweet.

I consider myself trained by Nature to make drums. From drums I have learned to trust the wisdom of direct experience, the subtlety of tension, the discipline of perseverance, and knowing in the hands more than in the mind.

One evening I sat with a newly dried drum, its patterned surface illuminated with candlelight. I gazed at it as one might do with clouds on a summer’s day. Gradually shapes took form and startlingly began to move. A story unfolded – one image transforming into the next: bears emerging from caves, skinny men falling down holes, bodies reconfiguring into something other. This has ever since been my relationship with beginning a drum painting. I watch the drum face without asking to be shown anything, and images emerge. Creatures come, their eyes sparkle, we agree to see each other.

July events in this series:

July 5 – Jane Newman, Assemblage
July 12 – Kristen Sholfield-Sweet, Drum Painting
July 19 – Lisa Gibbons, Painting
July 26 – Kathleen Pemberton, Painting

The series will continue in August.

Events are free. Donations gratefully appreciated.

The Museum and the Heritage Garden is located “downtown” Mansons Landing, 957 Beasley Road, one block up the hill from Mansons Hall. We are open Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Art in the Garden events will be held in July and August on Tuesdays, from noon to 3 p.m.

Check our website for more information about our programs.