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Cortes Recycles! You’ve done a fantastic job getting more items out of the landfill bags and into recycling. Thank you! Now we’d like to phase out the plastic bags and go to a “blue box” type system, preferably without the blue box …

The Change: Our trucks are modified so you don’t have to use the plastic MMBC bags for your recycling. You can put them out in a permanent box or 5 gallon bucket – something easy for us to pick up and dump. We won’t take the container. If you prefer the bags, that’s okay; twist tie or knot loosely.

MMBC Recycling; Remember it has to be clean. No soft plastics or foam packaging (Styrofoam), paper towels or napkins. Pack glass separately in a contained bag. We can’t take loose glass.

Non-MMBC Recycling: soft plastics, foam packaging – we are happy to bring these to the Recycling Centre where they can be recycled – just label and pack separately.

Landfill Garbage: please tie the bags securely. Not too heavy, not in small bags. Clean.

It’s a confusing system but we are getting there .. together. Henry 935-6940

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