Whaletown Commons Park Celebration

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(from Tideline:) Noba Anderson, Strathcona Regional District and Whaletown Commons Society – invite you to a celebration:

Whaletown Commons
Saturday, October 25
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Please join us to officially acknowledge our new park in the heart of the Whaletown community.

Enjoy a guided information walking tour…
Snacks and light refreshments will be served…

Everyone welcome…
Guests are asked to gather at the entrance to the Whaletown Commons…

  1. cortesisland

    by Fawn Baron, June 2014.
    Did you know there is a dramatic, beautiful, lush green gorge with a waterfall in the HEART of the Whaletown Commons? The Commons are not in the ‘middle of nowhere’; we live here, the people with 200 mailboxes ( there are 250 in Manson’s and 75 in Squirrel Cove), families, elders, children. This is not nowhere, this is HOME. This public space is essential to our community; there are many parks in the south end, none here in Whaletown ( there is no public access to Carrington other than walking on private land). May public green space be shared by all , including Whaletown dwellers.

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