The Out and the In – Old Schoolhouse Gallery Show by Kalyani and Friends

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By Richard Trueman (from Tideline:) – The opening of the last show of the season at the Old Schoolhouse Gallery in Whaletown was enthusiastically attended by the regulars and a new younger crowd. Kalyani Hemphill presented us with a sensitive and play full transformation of the Gallery entitled “The Out and In (Inside Out)”

Her transformation included outside spaces as well as the inside with delicate, subtle additions and placements of art, found objects and bits n pieces. When you go to the show pay attention to every corner high and low for these personal touches by Kalyani. In her words, “every thing is from the Free Store”

Although hap hazard in total look, you will see in the second photo of this article that Kalyani has a plan view diagram of the gallery mapping out her intention of transformation. I liked the touches of the wrecked blinds hanging in the window, the portrait behind gauze, and the landscape show piece behind a barred grid perhaps suggesting that we never see things without (limiting) preconceptions.

Opening night was treated with a ceremonial presentation by Klahoose member, Kenny Hanuse, and later had (live) music mysteriously hidden in the centre of the room by a gauze curtain, reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz. Kirtan like -electronic aided – drone music was beautifully performed all night by Hannu Huuskonen and Tyrell Warren.

When I mentioned to Kalyani that visitors to the Gallery on subsequent days would miss this musical treat she said… “this opening night is described as ‘vernisage’ in German and I intend to have a ‘finnish’ Saturday September the 6th. when live music again will be played.” (Details and times of this closing ceremony will be posted here on the Tideline)

Show continues Saturday and Sunday Aug 30 and 31, 2 – 6 PM
And Friday September 5, 6 – 9 PM, and Saturday, Sunday, September 6, 7, 2-6 PM

  1. Marty Spence

    Hi Kalyani:
    Congratulations on your show. Wish I could have been there to see it.
    I am sure it was wonderful, as it was wonderful to meet you and your friend from Germany ? Can you remind me of her name?

    I am organizing photos as well and thinking of an installation of Karen’s and my trip to Canada.

    Please take care and have a wonderful fall.
    Sincerely yours,

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