Hollyhock: Canada’s Lifelong Learning Centre on Cortes Island, BC

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“Hollyhock exists to inspire, nourish and support people who are making the world better.”

Family on Hollyhock Beach Cortes Island BC
There is something inspiring for everyone at Hollyhock.

By Lilith Klassen

Once the abandoned site of an institute for Gestalt Therapy with a lone caretaker living on the overgrown lands, Hollyhock has grown into a world renowned centre for deeper connection to the planet and one’s self. For 33 years, Hollyhock has been opening hearts, changing minds and transforming lives amidst the ‘take your breath away’ natural beauty of Cortes Island. Whether nurturing the soul or the body, walking among the gardens or learning how to gather abundance from nature, you will leave this place transformed.

The Hollyhock program guide boggles the mind, running the gamut from arts, dance & music to meditation, science & spirit…or the realms of personal, physical or professional development. Sea kayaking adventures with Misty Isles, a course in mushroom lore with famous mycologist Paul Stamets (currently working with the US government to help clean oil spills and radiation) or ‘Aging and Growing Young Again’ with the Sheldrake family, there is something for everyone. A digeridoo workshop with uber talented Shine, a writing workshop with Governor General awarding winner author Peter Behrens or a profound couple’s workshop with Hollyhock Robert Gass & Judith Ansara, a 40 year married couple who return every year to teach.
There is something here for you.

Hollyhock Retreat Centre
Every fall, engaging mycologist Paul Stamets teaches about fungi at Hollyhock on Cortes Island

The programs plus rooms and meals are provided at at cost..and the incredible view, clean air & water free of charge! There is so much of the ‘naturally wonderful’ to explore on Cortes Island, and an abundance of accommodations of all types and sizes, many seekers of knowledge at Hollyhock stay on to soak in the peace & beauty here. Hollyhock runs courses in Vancouver, so when looking on the program schedule, be sure to check the program locations when browsing the well laid out program guides.

To read the founding story of Hollyhock, please click below. You can also view programs, check out the lovely rooms, the exquisite cuisine and maps/directions on travel to & from Cortes Island.

http://www.hollyhock.ca/cms/ourstory.html or learn more about Cortes at www.ourcortes.com

Here are some things the world has stated about Hollyhock:

“I love the people who come to workshops at Hollyhock – open, curious, positive – the kind of people who make me more optimistic about our society and the world.”—Andrew Weil, MD

“We have taught at centres all over the world, but there is nothing to compare with the beauty, the peace and the warmth of Hollyhock. Every year, we eagerly look forward to our return.”—Robert & Judith Gass

“Nowhere that I present my workshops have I met so many “important strangers”. Hollyhock catalyses positive and sustaining connections that are a source of renewal long after we leave.”—Gail Larsen

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