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Booth at Vancouver Outdoor Travel & Trade Show a Splendid Success

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By Lilith Klassen

Cortes Island Business & Tourism headed to the Vancouver Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show to raise awareness among the adventure minded of Cortes Island as a local destination. The Show had the best Saturday attendance of all 8 years of its existence, an added benefit to hosting a booth this year. Throughout the weekend, Cortes Island Business & Tourism had a chance to speak about the clear warm water, great beaches, hiking, biking, kayaking, boating, relaxing… and about the warm welcome, friendly residents, good restaurants, public markets, and many family friendly festivals.

Though many people had heard about the breathtaking natural beauty of Cortes Island, its potential as an ideal family vacation spot or Hollyhock as a teaching centre, many were unsure about the exact location of Cortes… even some that had been to neighbouring Quadra Island! An enlarged map at the booth gave clarity as to where Cortes Island actually IS in the world, with knowledgeable input from Cortes Island Business & Tourism about ferries & travel to aid with planning. The locally designed display rack featuring media from local businesses and the new Cortes Island rack cards with info and the website address gave booth visitors something to take home and contemplate, as well.

Hundreds of visitors stopped by the booth over the weekend who were searching for local vacation destinations & were intrigued by all Cortes has to offer. Cortes Island Business &Tourism looks forward to seeing Vancouver Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show attendees on Cortes Island this year… and for years to come. Once people set foot on the island & bask in its idyllic charms, they seem to keep coming back for more. And who can blame them?

Stay tuned to this blog for more about Cortes Island and what it holds.

The new website look will be coming soon!

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