Important Phone Numbers

  • Community Health Centre - 250-935-6718
  • Police on Quadra - 1-250-285-3631
  • Fire(in house) - 911
  • Fire Hall Mansons - 250-935-6779
  • Fire Hall Whaletown - 250-935-6600
  • Forest Fire 1-800-663-5555

Cortes and Quadra Island Phone Books

Cortes Island Information Book


Cortes Island Information Book

Cortes Island Information book is published annually.  It contains information about the island, dates of events, information about businesses catering to tourists, accommodations, travel information, ferry schedule, and more.


It is available in vacation rental homes and B&B's (if it is not there, ask your host about it).


It is available for viewing in most of local businesses frequented by visitors to the island: local stores, Hollyhock, Gorge Marina, Cortes Island Museum/Information Booth.  Also in Quadra Island and Campbell River information centres.


You can purchase your personal copy in local stores: Cortes Market, Cortes Island Museum/Information Booth, Squirrel Cove General Store, and Hollyhock Gift Shop.